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HOW I MET MY WIFE: A Single In The City Success Story


Ten years ago, at the first annual Nashville Lifestyles Single in the City party, Ted Goldthorpe’s life changed forever. It was there that he first met his soon-to-be wife, Georgeanna Morse. While both remember the night fondly, their actual memories differ: He says they first met at a bar, she insists it was a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club. Both versions are true. Ted, a crooner for the disco band Delicious, was pushed onstage by a college buddy to sing Al Green’s “Let’s Get Together,” a tune he chose as “a guaranteed can’t-lose crowd pleaser with no doubt that the ladies would be in full swoon by verse two.” During the song, Georgeanna walked into the party, a moment which Ted describes as “when my thriving bachelor career jumped out of the window.” Stunned by her beauty and encouraged by his college friend’s proclamation that she was “the marrying type,” Ted decided he had to meet her. Luckily, Lynne Brantley, one of Ted’s old friends, and Georgeanna’s accomplice at the party, bridged the gap and made the introduction.

After meeting at the inaugural Single in the City, Ted and Georgeanna married in 2005 and now have three beautiful children. Ted marks 2013 as “10 years hence my life truly began and the last time I was single in the city.” He now manages songwriting interests for Song/ATV Music Publishing and still sings for Delicious. Georgeanna is a nurse practitioner who advocates for high-risk pregnant mothers and babies through Nurses for Newborns. She is also the school nurse at Franklin Road Academy.


Believe it or not, this truly “happily ever after” tale can belong to anyone. Who knows what Single in the City might bring to some lucky lovebirds this year? Get your tickets online now, and we’ll see you this Tuesday at Sambuca!

— Jane Taylor, staff writer

Nashville Lifestyles’ Single in the City Nominations

Do you know someone who is smart, involved in the community, beautiful and SINGLE? Nominate them for our annual Single in the City issue on newsstands Feb. 1, 2011.

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