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Hit & Run — A Must See

Monday night CMT teamed up with Regal Green Hills Cinema to hold a “sneak peek” screening of the new movie Hit & Run and invited Nashville Lifestyles to come along! Produced by the hilarious minds behind Wedding Crashers, the movie stars Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Kristin Chenoweth, Bradley Cooper, and Tom Arnold swept up in a love story/action flick. Think something along the lines of love story meets high-action chase. Add in a crazy, unpredictable, sometimes violent excursion and you’ve got Hit & Run. Never a dull moment!
Hit & Run Movie Promo

Real-life and extremely likable couple Kristin Bell (Co-host of the 2012 CMT Music Awards) and Dax Shepard showed off their genuine chemistry in the off-beat romance, but in my opinion—hands down—Tom Arnold stole the show! He had the audience laughing at nearly every scene. If you’re looking for a good laugh or an action rom-com, go see Hit & Run. The movie opens today,  Wednesday, August 22—click here for showtimes.


Make it a date and stop in to Table 3 before or after the movie to have a quick drink or delicious dinner on their patio! If you didn’t have plans for Wednesday night…well, now you do. You’re welcome.

Somewhat irrelevant to the movie, but if you are not one of the 12 million people who have viewed this youtube video (not an exaggeration) of the always entertaining Kristen Bell’s 31st birthday sloth meltdown…amazing, please watch! Dax, good luck topping that for her 32nd.

—Devan Brown, (Nashville Lifestyles Assistant to the Publisher)

Ziplining through the Night

Last Saturday I found myself nestled in a 40-acre forest, in a scenic bend of the Harpeth River. Kingston Springs at sunset is beautiful, but I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for…

This would not only be my first zipline tour—but friends and I decided on the full moon zip tour. I was going to be strapped in to a harness, climb up a tall platform and throw myself out into the night sky across a thin wire. No big deal. But the full moon and good friends make you do crazy things—so all fears aside—I was actually really excited. The other ‘zippers’ (as we were called) and I were placed into groups differentiated by colored glow sticks around our necks (go blue team!). Each group had two tour guides who gave a tutorial on how to put on your gear and how to strap yourself in. Shout out to the best two guides ever—Jen and Biz! We were off to the first zip run before we knew it. This was a warm up to get the feel of things…

Adventureworks Zipline

Ok, this isn’t me. Trying to take pictures while zip lining at night doesn’t work so well. You get the idea.

Essentially the first guide would whiz to the end and be there waiting for you. Then, we climbed up on the platform and strapped ourselves in for the ride. My first zip was a little foreign; jumping into the pitch black forest hanging from a cord… I mean talk about a rush! After that I got the hang of things. With each jump my confidence rose—and so did the height and length of the jumps. At one point we were rushing over three-football-field lengths, going thirty-five miles an hour. So exhilarating! I am most definitely going back in the fall to experience this during the daytime. Over at Adventureworks there are a variety of challenge courses, swings, leaps and of course zip tours to choose from: Full Moon Zip, Polar Bear Zip, Sweetheart Zip, Firefly Zip, and Haunted Forest Zip.  Not your typical weekend plans, but my advice—check it out!

—Errine Garnett (Nashville Lifestyles Account Exec)

See the August events calendar on NashvilleLifestyles.com for more fun in Nashville this month!

1300 Narrows of the Harpeth Road
Kingston Springs, TN 37082
(615) 297-2250

Adult Zipline Tour: $54
Youth Zipline Tour: $42
Giant Swing: $15.00
Quantum Leap: $15.00
High Challenge Course: $65.00

Nashville Lifestyles Hot List 2012

Forgive us for the time spent away—call it blog hibernation! We’re rolling out a lot of great new things (blogging again being one), the amazing HOT LIST 2012 on our new NashvilleLifestyles.com site and this friendly sit-down chat with the super talented musicians from Edens Edge. Check it out!

Nashville Lifestyles’ Music in the City

Join us for one of our favorite events every year! We love it so much that we added a entire additional night to the line up! Come and enjoy performances by Nashville’s top up-and-coming artists with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the W.O. Smith Music School.


Tuesday, January 25 at The Tin Roof Nashville

Performances include:
Margaret Durante, Scarletta, Christian Kane and Troy Olsen

Wednesday, January 26 at The Tin Roof Cool Springs

Performances include: Katie Armiger, PawnShop kings, Randy Montana and Steve Azar

Click here to see a photo gallery of the event’s performers.

Additional performers to be added to both nights!

Ticket Options:
$35 in advance for a Two-Night Pass which includes both concerts and a complimentary cocktail at each. $20 in advance for your choice of one of the concerts and a complimentary cocktail.

Get your tickets early – they will sell out!

Click here for more information and to purchase tickets!

Sponsored by: Crest Cadillac, CMT, The Tin Roof, Flavour Men, Patron, Entertainment Group, 98 WSIX, Tickets Nashville, and Nashville Lifestyles.

Nashville Lifestyles’ History Issue

We learned so much about Nashville’s storied past putting together this issue! Like, did you know that there was a great flood in 1926 similar to the recent flooding or that Nashville’s Parthenon was built to celebrate Tennessee’s 100-year anniversary in 1897 and was meant to be torn down? From Cheekwood to Harpeth Hall, Carton Plantation to The Union Gospel Tabernacle (later known as the Ryman), we’ve got all the city’s amazing historical secrets.

Our online gallery has dozens of amazing historical photos and fun facts. View it HERE.

Read more about Nashville’s business history HERE.

Nashville Lifestyles’ Single in the City Nominations

Do you know someone who is smart, involved in the community, beautiful and SINGLE? Nominate them for our annual Single in the City issue on newsstands Feb. 1, 2011.

Nominate them HERE!

Nashville’s Most Beautiful People

Last night we celebrated our 25 Most Beautiful People and the unveiling of our October 2010 11th anniversary issue with a blow-out party at the new (never-seen-before) Virago on the corner of 12th and McGavock Street. The party was hopping with some of Nashville’s finest including Ashlyne Huff, Beth Sachan, Mary Beth Chapman, J.T. Hodges, Max Goldberg, Laura Wright, Amy Louise, Shane Tallant, Rodney Atkins and more!

A very special thanks to all our amazing sponsors including Bacardi, Cadillac, First Tennessee Bank, Vanderbilt Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Vitamin Water, Flavour and Flavour Men.

Check out all the Nashville Lifestyles Most Beautiful People Party Pics here!

ALSO, (drum roll please) … meet all our 2010 Most Beautiful People HERE! Aren’t they an attractive bunch?