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Light: Bruce Munro exhibit at Cheekwood

Katie Jacobs Last night we got the opportunity to step onto the Cheekwood property for the lighting of their new exhibit, Light: Bruce Munro at Cheekwood.

This is the British artist’s second-ever North American exhibition of Light and he was on hand to give us a personal guided tour through his stunning outdoor and indoor art installations.

Bruce Munro
We were floored by just how down-to-earth Munro is—incredibly humble, chit chatting with everyone in attendance, cracking jokes about himself, and encouraging everyone not to over-complicate his work but instead just enjoy its beauty.

Bell Chandelier This was one of my favorites! It is a stunning chandelier of cascading optical fibers in the center of the mansion's rotunda staircase which makes it accessible from all angles.

Bell Chandelier
One of my favorites! It is a stunning chandelier of cascading optical fibers in the center of the mansion’s rotunda staircase which makes it accessible from all angles.

Light installation

Light Shower
A site specific installation of 1,400 teardrop-shaped diffusers in the Mansion Loggia.

Reflecting Pond

Fagin’s Urchins
Created especially for Cheekwood’s reflecting pool, this one is beautiful at twilight.

Cheekwood Lawn

Field of Light
The star of the show—comprised of 20,000 lighted glass spheres and gracing the grounds in front of Cheekwood’s mansion—this installation must be seen in person.


Comprised of 40 structures built out of one-liter recyclable plastic bottles filled with water and optical fibers connected to an LED projector and audio system.

While the images here are beautiful, you really MUST go and see it for yourself. It is indescribable in person and something I can guarantee you’ve never seen.

— Katie Jacobs, Creative Director

Find out what else is happening in our What to Do This Weekend review — and enter our contest for a 2014 commemorate Light calendar with some of the featured light sculptures.

Light: Bruce Munro at Cheekwood
May 24 – November 10
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s until 11 p.m.
Adults: $15

Fill Your Weekend With Easter Fun

Here at NL, we all have our own way of celebrating Easter. Account executing Janna Landry gets together with her family for a big crawfish boil (“they’re fat in the spring!” she says) while Taylor Middleton sets up a beautiful homemade brunch spread.

For controller Kimberly Higdon, Easter is a time to spoil her kids with big, gift-filled baskets:Kimberly

“I would always opt for homemade. Instead of a huge candy bunny, I would buy a great Barbie Doll or whatever they were into at the time (beanie babies, cds, etc.)  Under the Easter grass I would always put some new clothes—usually a new bathing suit—and would also have lots of plastic Easter eggs that I would hide outside with money in them instead of candy. I would have one or two special eggs that were metallic in color and in those I would put $10 or $20. You have never seen two girls work so hard for an Easter egg!! I would hide so many eggs that we would always count them first so that we knew if we were missing any. Needless to say they were very disappointed when the Easter bunny stopped coming…”

She’s inspired me to create a fun Easter egg hunt for my own son this year, complete with money filled eggs!

If you’re looking for your own Easter fun, there’s plenty to do this weekend. First, you might want to start by sending a donation to the Nashville Rescue Mission, which will provide traditional Easter meals to hundreds of homeless and hungry, over the course of the holiday weekend. Donations can be made online or in person at the Mission’s Donation Center, at 616 7th Ave. S, Nashville (open Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.). It’s a good way to get into the spirit before enjoying the festive Egg Hunts around town.

Nashville Zoo EggstravaganzooE2The Nashville Zoo hosts its 15th annual Eggstravaganzoo One of the Zoo’s highest attendance days, the egg hunt will draw more than 12,000 in search of colorful eggs and a host of other activities. Saturday, March 30; 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Spring Art Hop at CheekwoodE3More than 20,000 eggs will be hidden throughout the gardens of Cheekwood for the 21st Annual Spring Art Hop. Easter egg hunts take place every half hour throughout the day, and there are even hunts for our youngest visitors, those ages two and younger! There are also family friendly musical performances from Eve and Mare, Nashville Jazz Workshop, and Rachel Sumner.  Art and craft activities will be offered throughout the day in Cheekwood’s Botanic Hall as well as face painters, balloon artists and, of course, the Easter Bunny! Saturday, March 30; 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

—Erin B. Murray, Managing Editor

Nashville Lifestyles’ History Issue

We learned so much about Nashville’s storied past putting together this issue! Like, did you know that there was a great flood in 1926 similar to the recent flooding or that Nashville’s Parthenon was built to celebrate Tennessee’s 100-year anniversary in 1897 and was meant to be torn down? From Cheekwood to Harpeth Hall, Carton Plantation to The Union Gospel Tabernacle (later known as the Ryman), we’ve got all the city’s amazing historical secrets.

Our online gallery has dozens of amazing historical photos and fun facts. View it HERE.

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