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Nashville’s Most Beautiful People

Last night we celebrated our 25 Most Beautiful People and the unveiling of our October 2010 11th anniversary issue with a blow-out party at the new (never-seen-before) Virago on the corner of 12th and McGavock Street. The party was hopping with some of Nashville’s finest including Ashlyne Huff, Beth Sachan, Mary Beth Chapman, J.T. Hodges, Max Goldberg, Laura Wright, Amy Louise, Shane Tallant, Rodney Atkins and more!

A very special thanks to all our amazing sponsors including Bacardi, Cadillac, First Tennessee Bank, Vanderbilt Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Vitamin Water, Flavour and Flavour Men.

Check out all the Nashville Lifestyles Most Beautiful People Party Pics here!

ALSO, (drum roll please) … meet all our 2010 Most Beautiful People HERE! Aren’t they an attractive bunch?

Nashville Lifestyles’ Party Pics

We had such a great time at our annual Solo on the Patio event last week at Lime. Everyone loved the Torchade cocktail—the newest Bacardi flavor “Torched Cherry” mixed with lemonade. Plus there was awesome appetizers from Lime and fun entertainment. A very special thanks to all our sponsors: BMW, National Dance Clubs, Guardian Angel, and 102.5 The Party. See more photos here!

Did you know that in addition to photos from the Solo on the Patio event, nashvillelifestyles.com has THOUSANDS of party pictures from all the hottest events in town? No really, there are thousands! … Check out all the fun by going to nashvillelifestyles.com or by clicking HERE!