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Fall Finds

5-Tone Shimmer Powder from Estèe Lauder
In the whole rush to put the upcoming fashion issue together, I can say that I have discovered that our retailers are getting more savvy and saving conscious—thank goodness! That’s right – even those stores that you may have been avoiding are doing their part to make shopping fun again (and more importantly, affordable) by seeking out lines from designers with more reasonable price points. After visiting with leading boutique owners and buyers, I discovered they are all making an effort to find items that are of the moment when it comes to the latest trends and designers, but retro when it comes to cost. Got to love that.

For finds from fashion to cosmetics, check out what we feature online each week and also find out about the significant (and I mean big) savings you’ll find from our A-list partners. Serious savings without sacrificing style sounds good to me!