Tasting A Finer Tequila

While many consider Mexico’s independence an excuse to sling back cheap margaritas, we think a better use of your time (and liver) is to discover a higher-end brand of tequila. A recent tasting of Herradura’s line of blanco, silver, reposado and añejo had us reconsidering what we’re putting on the rocks with a rim of salt. ¡Salud!


El Jimador – Spanish for “agave farmer,” this everyday drinking tequila is 100 percent blue agave that goes down easy but still has that rich, tequila bite. If margaritas are on the menu, reach for this Mexican best seller.


 Herradura Silver – Tequila classifications say “silver” designations don’t need to be aged but Herradura lets theirs rest for about 45 days in American white oak barrels, giving it a hint of smoothness. Try this in a Paloma, mixed with a grapefruit soda like Fresca.

— Herradura Reposado – Sitting in oak barrels for 11 months gives this tequila (the first Reposado that appeared in the U.S.) its lovely amber hue but also imparts a soft, round finish.

— Herradura Añejo – This velvety juice is aged for more than two years (twice as long as the industry standard) giving it notes of smoke and caramel. Serve this chilled at the end of the meal to savor until it warms up in the glass.


— Herradura Selección Suprema – With a pour from this elegantly cut glass bottle, you’ve moved beyond tequila and into the realm of rare, special occasion liquor—especially since bottles of this extra añejo can fetch upwards of $350 (Cantina Laredo has it for a steal at $48 a glass). Aged for four years, it rolls around the mouth like caramel and should only be enjoyed at room temperature.


We’ve already got a recipe ready for you to try out your tequila new-found knowledge. Mix up a Herradura Brisa on NashvilleLifestyles.com!

Available at most liquor retailers and Cantina Laredo, 592 12th Ave. S. (615) 259-9282; cantinalaredo.com


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