Surviving Steeplechase

Steeplechase Survival

It’s time for Steeplechase! One of Nashville’s most iconic spring events, it’s also one of the city’s fastest sporting events. But that doesn’t stop folks from celebrating all day and into the night. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite “Steeplechase Survival Moments” from our own staff and readers. Here are a few of the best:

“One of my first years attending Steeplechase as an ‘adult’ (seated in the prestigious box section instead of the infield), there was a well-known woman in the next box over with the most gorgeous hat she had carefully created using fresh flowers from her garden. It was covered with large, vibrant blossoms and  absolutely stunning. Turns out we weren’t the only ones ‘buzzing’ about it. Between the hat and all of the mint juleps in our box, we were completely swarmed by bees the entire day. I spent the afternoon dealing with a big, swollen sting on my leg.”
— Stacie Standifer

“We always take a party bus to ensure everyone has a safe ride home. One year our party bus had a DJ booth, complete with disco balls and everything. On the ride home, one of the young ladies dressed in her fancy Steeplechase dress and hat stole the microphone from the “official DJ” and busted out a full rap to Eminem! Proof that in Nashville everyone really does think they can sing, or in this case, rap.”
— Amanda Kinzer

“To start the day we had to go door-to-door to find our ‘crew’ before we could even depart for Steeplechase. Then Kaitlin had to sacrifice her underwear for the betterment of society (due to a friend forgetting hers and making the rookie mistake of wearing an extremely short dress). At the end of the day, we lost our crew again, but then found them as we were pulling out of the gates. Moments later the owner of our car and her friend hiked 3 miles back to center field from Highway 100 to find their phones…which they lost because they decided to jump over a fence. Four hours later a Metro Officer knocks on the car window to ask us if we’re missing something. Very concerned that we didn’t know the correct answer, we respond “2 girls”. His answer “are you sure not 3?” and he opens up the back if his squad car and out came our missing friends plus one more. I was told “don’t let me find them again”. In order to survive Steeplechase, one must leash their crew like toddlers in Disney World.”
— Kaitlin Grigsby & Elisabeth Oliphint

“My brother was a record producer back in the  80’s when someone talked him into attending the Iroquois. He was not amused with the hats and the khakis and the pink shirts on men, but he was talked into to placing a bet on a horse. He looked over the field and made his selection as his friends encouraged him on. “It will be fun”, they told my brother “if you place a large amount of money on a race!?

They went on and on about how much fun the race would be with a friendly wager riding on it… he bet,  the horse ran, then the horse got to the first hedge, stopped, looked over at the crowd—no kidding—walked around the hedge and continued the race. My brother was not amused and has not returned. He really should try again!”
— LaRawn Scaife Rhea


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