“Traces” Transforms the TPAC Stage

Talent is not in short supply in Traces, the highflying show playing at TPAC through Sunday. To call Traces a circus show or an acrobatics performance oversimplifies what is a completely unique theater experience. What these seven performers can do with few props is outstanding. The level of strength, concentration, coordination, and practice needed to pull off the performance is enough to make your head spin. A friend and I saw the first show last night, and we walked out of the theater amazed, rehashing the stunts, puzzled at how they really pull it off.


See a trailer of the performance!

These performers, all members of the group 7 Fingers, are artists in every mode of expression: dancing, singing, writing, guitar playing, drawing, skateboarding. The artists themselves in a creative way during the 90-minute performance, giving you a glimpse at their true personality, not just characters covered up in costumes.

A stand out for me was the one female performer among the six men, Valérie Benoît-Charbonneau. This girl’s sheer physical strength and precision of movement, balanced with the beauty and emotion of her performance, will have your jaw dropping. Nashville has never seen anything quite like it, and I was thoroughly entertained and constantly surprised the entire performance.

If you’re looking for a weekend activity, don’t miss Traces, while it’s in our backyard, or scope out What To Do This Weekend for other ideas. Tickets are available online at tpac.org.

— Jane Taylor, staff writer


One response to ““Traces” Transforms the TPAC Stage

  1. Very cool! Do they skateboard and play guitar at the same time?

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