Two Nashville Food Entrepreneurs Make Forbes 30 Under 30

Add Forbes magazine to the list of national pubs (GQ, the New York Times) that continue to shine a spotlight on the Nashville food scene. Today, the magazine announced its annual 30 Under 30 list and two local food entrepreneurs have made the Food & Wine list: Max Goldberg of Strategic Hospitality (29) and James Peisker of Porter Road Butcher (27). The nods are well-deserved since both have made impressive (and delicious) contributions to our city’s collective palate. The magazine recognizes Goldberg for his five Nashville businesses (which he co-owns with his brother, Benjamin), including The Catbird Seat and $10 million in combined revenue. Peisker, who co-founded the small East Nashville butcher shop, was touted for his education in whole-animal butchery. Congrats to both young guns — we hope they’re taking a minute today to celebrate.


Max Goldberg, Strategic Hospitality


James Peisker, Porter Road Butcher


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