Thankful Thinking

We put the question to our staff before everyone takes off for the holiday weekend. Most of all, Nashville, we’re thankful for you!

“I am super thankful for a husband that would uproot, downsize and move into a really old house in my favorite neighborhood just to keep me happy. Every day we are in our new place together, I love it more!” Stacie Standifer, publisher

“Girlfriends, family, good wine, and the sound of my husband and son when they’re laughing their heads off.” – Erin Byers Murray, managing editor

“I am thankful for my amazing, beautiful eight-month old son, Wyatt.” Trasie Mason, account executive

“I’m thankful for my back porch. This year it has been a great sanctuary from the hurried pace of life.” – Valerie Hammond, graphic designer/web editor

“I’m thankful for my husband. We got married in the spring and I have to say it’s been the best year of my life.” – Lauren Lackey, account executive

“I’m thankful for the gym… in so many ways.”
– Jen Rocco, graphic designer/production specialist

“I am thankful for my awesome family that keeps me laughing and makes me feel so loved, an amazing group of women that I work with everyday, champagne, and The University of Alabama’s football team being back on top.”
– Kelli Dill, circulation & marketing manager


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