Ziplining through the Night

Last Saturday I found myself nestled in a 40-acre forest, in a scenic bend of the Harpeth River. Kingston Springs at sunset is beautiful, but I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for…

This would not only be my first zipline tour—but friends and I decided on the full moon zip tour. I was going to be strapped in to a harness, climb up a tall platform and throw myself out into the night sky across a thin wire. No big deal. But the full moon and good friends make you do crazy things—so all fears aside—I was actually really excited. The other ‘zippers’ (as we were called) and I were placed into groups differentiated by colored glow sticks around our necks (go blue team!). Each group had two tour guides who gave a tutorial on how to put on your gear and how to strap yourself in. Shout out to the best two guides ever—Jen and Biz! We were off to the first zip run before we knew it. This was a warm up to get the feel of things…

Adventureworks Zipline

Ok, this isn’t me. Trying to take pictures while zip lining at night doesn’t work so well. You get the idea.

Essentially the first guide would whiz to the end and be there waiting for you. Then, we climbed up on the platform and strapped ourselves in for the ride. My first zip was a little foreign; jumping into the pitch black forest hanging from a cord… I mean talk about a rush! After that I got the hang of things. With each jump my confidence rose—and so did the height and length of the jumps. At one point we were rushing over three-football-field lengths, going thirty-five miles an hour. So exhilarating! I am most definitely going back in the fall to experience this during the daytime. Over at Adventureworks there are a variety of challenge courses, swings, leaps and of course zip tours to choose from: Full Moon Zip, Polar Bear Zip, Sweetheart Zip, Firefly Zip, and Haunted Forest Zip.  Not your typical weekend plans, but my advice—check it out!

—Errine Garnett (Nashville Lifestyles Account Exec)

See the August events calendar on for more fun in Nashville this month!

1300 Narrows of the Harpeth Road
Kingston Springs, TN 37082
(615) 297-2250

Adult Zipline Tour: $54
Youth Zipline Tour: $42
Giant Swing: $15.00
Quantum Leap: $15.00
High Challenge Course: $65.00


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